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Maine Coon Breed Standards: Unveiling the Common Dominator

The Maine Coon, known for its impressive size, intelligence, and amiable disposition, is a breed steeped in history and distinction. Across various feline associations, breed standards have been carefully defined to encapsulate the essence of this remarkable cat. Here, we present a comprehensive compilation of Maine Coon breed standards from different associations, revealing the shared attributes that define this extraordinary feline.


**TICA Breed Standard** - The International Cat Association's Maine Coon Standard

*The Maine Coon is a large breed with substantial boning, a broad chest, and a long, hard-muscled, rectangular body. The tail is long and flowing. Whether polydactyl or regular, the paws are large and well-tufted. The Maine Coon reaches full maturity at four to five years of age.*


**CFA Breed Standard** - Cat Fanciers' Association Maine Coon Standard

*Originally a working cat, the Maine Coon is solid, rugged, and can endure a harsh climate. A distinctive characteristic is its smooth, shaggy coat. A well-proportioned and balanced appearance with no part of the cat being exaggerated. Quality should never be sacrificed for size. With an essentially amiable disposition, it has adapted to varied environments.*


**FiFE Breed Standard** - Fédération Internationale Féline d’Europe Maine Coon Standard

*The breed is large framed with a square outline of the head, large ears, broad chest, solid bone structure, a long, hard muscled, rectangular body, and a long flowing tail. Good muscle tone and density give the cat the appearance of power and robustness.*


**GCCF** - Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Maine Coon Standard

*The Maine Coon is massive in size, with a powerful muscular body and substantial legs. The head is slightly longer than it is wide and the nasal bridge is halfway between the ear line and the tip of the nose. The muzzle is square with a firm chin.*


**The Canadian Cat Association**

*Maine Coons should be solid, rugged, and muscular. They must be in excellent physical condition. White buttons, lockets, and spots. Overall even coat length.*


Common Dominator:

Across all breed standards, a powerful, muscular, robust, and rugged cat emerges as the unifying characteristic. Whether defined by substantial boning, broad chests, or long, hard-muscled bodies, the Maine Coon is consistently described as a feline of strength and fortitude.


These breed standards, collectively emphasizing the Maine Coon's muscular prowess, underscore the essence of this remarkable breed. From TICA to GCCF, the shared attributes paint a vivid picture of a cat that is as robust and rugged as it is amiable and adaptable. Understanding these standards provides insight into what makes the Maine Coon truly exceptional.



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