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Unraveling the Maine Coon Myth: American Lineage vs. European Imposters


In the world of Maine Coon enthusiasts, there's a pervasive misconception that European-bred Maine Coons are the true descendants of the legendary Viking cats. However, it's time to set the record straight. In this article, we'll delve into the history of Maine Coons, distinguishing between the original powerhouse hunters bred by Vikings and the later European varieties that were designed to mimic the wild lynx. Let's explore why American lineage Maine Coons are the real deal for those seeking the authentic, beastly cats from Maine's wilderness.

The Viking Connection: Unraveling the True Origins

Maine Coons: Legendary Viking Hunters

The original Maine Coons bred by Vikings were formidable creatures, characterized by solid power, rippling muscles, and a luxurious fur coat designed to shield them from the harshest climates. Their substantial size served as a natural defense against predators while enabling them to tackle larger prey such as hares, mink, ducks, and even turkeys. These cats were the embodiment of feral prowess in the wilderness.

The European Maine Coon: A Designer Cat

Contrary to popular belief, the European Maine Coon is a relatively recent creation, emerging a century later. This variety was meticulously designed to resemble a lynx or a wild cat, emphasizing prominent facial features akin to their untamed counterparts. While visually striking, it's important to acknowledge that European Maine Coons do not share the same lineage as their Viking-era predecessors.

American Lineage Maine Coons: The Last Bastions of Authenticity

Today, the torchbearers of true Maine Coon heritage lie within the American bloodlines. These cats are the direct descendants of the fierce forest cats that once roamed the woodlands of Maine. Choosing an American lineage Maine Coon ensures that you're welcoming a cat with roots deeply embedded in the history of the breed.

Embracing the Sweetness of Every Maine Coon

While it may be disheartening for owners of European Maine Coons to discover their cats aren't direct descendants of Viking-bred warriors, the love and bond we share with our feline companions remain unchanged. Each Maine Coon, regardless of lineage, brings its own unique charm and personality to our lives.

Finding Your Original Monster Cat from Maine

For those determined to embrace the authentic Maine Coon experience, exploring American bloodlines is the key. These cats embody the spirit of the Viking-era hunters, exuding power, grace, and an indomitable hunting prowess that sets them apart.


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In the world of Maine Coon ownership, it's essential to understand the true lineage of these magnificent creatures. While European Maine Coons may be visually striking, they do not carry the legacy of the Viking-bred cats that once ruled the forests of Maine. For those seeking the original monster cat from Maine, the American bloodlines are where the true heart of the breed lies. Embrace your Maine Coon, regardless of lineage, and revel in the unique charm they bring into your life.

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