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The Stunning Music and Emotional Depth of X-Men '97: A Review

The music in the new X-Men '97 series is nothing short of spectacular. The scenes set in the clubs, with mutants like Multiple Man and Dazzler showing off their moves, are not only visually captivating but also enhanced by the amazing music choices. The music adds a classy and energetic vibe to these scenes, making them a highlight of the show.

Speaking of Dazzler, while I appreciate the modern take on her character, I can't help but wish they had used the original Dazzler with her iconic long hair. Nevertheless, the new Dazzler brings a fresh perspective to the character, and her musical performances are a joy to watch.

One of the standout aspects of the new series is its emotional depth. The portrayal of Madelyne Pryor's attachment to her baby is heartwarming and adds a layer of humanity to her character. However, the most emotionally impactful moment so far has to be Rogue's gut-wrenching cry when she discovers that her true love, Gambit, is seemingly dead. The raw emotion in that scene is truly earth-shattering and adds a whole new level of depth to Rogue's character.

Overall, X-Men '97 is a fantastic addition to the X-Men universe. With its amazing music, captivating storylines, and emotional depth, it's a must-watch for any X-Men fan.

What are your thoughts on the new X-Men '97 series? Do you agree with my take on the music and emotional depth of the show? Let me know in the comments below!


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