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Embracing Change: My Transgender Journey from Pre-Surgery to Post-Surgery Bliss

Embracing Change: My Transgender Journey from Pre-Surgery to Post-Surgery Bliss

Welcome to Sal Styles Blog, where personal stories intertwine with the journey of self-discovery. Today, I share a significant chapter of my life – the anticipation and excitement leading up to my upcoming vaginoplasty in Montreal. Join me on this emotional rollercoaster as I delve into the transformative experience of pre vs. post-surgery life as a trans girl.

I navigated relationships and life for years, grappling with an unidentifiable void. Gender dysphoria cast shadows over my existence, manifesting in depression, hypersomnia, and an eating disorder. Despite finding joy in certain aspects of life, something felt amiss. My body did not align with my identity, prompting a decision that would redefine my entire existence.

The decision to undergo vaginoplasty is both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. Scheduled for the end of November, this surgery marks a pivotal moment in my quest for authenticity. The prospect of a neo vagina, one that promises both physical and emotional satisfaction, brings hope and nervous anticipation.

Reflecting on my journey, I acknowledge the years of internal struggle and the recent acceptance that has paved the way for this transformation. From childhood dreams of being a girl to openly embracing my identity in the last five years, my journey unfolds in moments of self-discovery.

As I embark on this surgical adventure, I am eager to share my experiences with a wider audience. My hope is to connect with fellow transgender individuals, both pre and post-op, fostering a supportive community. Let us celebrate the beauty of transformation, courage, and the resilience of the human spirit. Visit to stay updated on this chapter of my life and join the conversation using #TransgenderJourney #SurgeryBliss #SalStylesBlog.

These are all my Pre Hormone Pre-surgery pics. After a year or so on estrogen and some surgery, I hope that I am more feminine.

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