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Brampton Feral Cats Need Our Help

Chinguacousy Park in Brampton is home to a zoo and a farm with a barn where many feral cats reside. I have never seen kittens there, and since the zoo is owned by the city, I believe they care for the cats. They are fed during the day, but the food is taken away at night. The park, with its size, river, trees, and places to hide, provides a perfect environment for feral and stray cats. In the 10-plus years I have lived here, I have never seen a dead cat on the road, indicating that the cats are safe. I think they use the wildlife tunnels, the underpasses, to leave the park. I live beside the park in the H section.

Does anyone else in this area feed or care for cats? I have had friends whose sheds became homes to litters of cats. Thankfully, these cats are now spayed and have homes. However, I have recently seen a surge in the cat population. The biggest issue is the tomcats roaming and fighting, which can spread FIV and may even attack people's pets. This is why it is crucial that we work together to get all these cats fixed. The process is free for us, and obtaining the certificate takes only 2 hours from home, which you can do at any time, even just 15 minutes a day. It only costs $10! This will allow you to get any stray and feral cats fixed, vaccinated, dewormed, defleaed, and have a health checkup. If they are tame, they can find a home; if not, they can return to where they were caught.

Many people like to let their cats outside. Long-haired breeds and older females often lounge around the porch area or sit on the front steps of their houses. When cats are spayed and neutered, they stop fighting, howling, spraying, and smelling. If you love cats as much as I do and live in Brampton, let's keep in touch, become friends, and do the best we can to help these cats. Let's support each other!

If you are interested in helping, simply click the link below. The TNR course is easy for those of us who are already familiar with TNR or have done it in the past. It only takes 2 hours and can be spread out as long as you like.


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