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Understand CDBT

Updated: May 31, 2023

CDBT, or Cognitive Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is an innovative therapy method that combines elements from Sam Obitz's T-charts and Marsha Linehan's Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This approach aims to provide individuals with a simplified and accessible way to understand and apply therapeutic techniques for their personal growth and well-being.

T-charts, popularized by Sam Obitz, are visual tools that help individuals identify and analyze their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By using T-charts, one can gain clarity on negative thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, and unhelpful behaviors. It enables individuals to challenge these patterns and replace them with more positive and constructive alternatives.

DBT, developed by Marsha Linehan, is a comprehensive therapy that focuses on cultivating mindfulness, regulating emotions, improving interpersonal skills, and tolerating distress. DBT provides individuals with effective coping strategies to manage emotional challenges and build resilience.

In CDBT, the simplified combination of these two therapies creates an approach that is easier to understand and grasp for those in need. By integrating T-charts with DBT techniques, individuals can explore their thoughts and emotions while also learning practical skills to navigate life's difficulties. This therapy method empowers individuals to become more aware of their thoughts and behaviors, challenge negative patterns, and develop healthier coping strategies.

CDBT is a user-friendly approach that aims to make therapy more accessible and applicable in everyday life. By blending the simple yet effective components of T-charts and DBT, individuals can enhance their self-awareness, gain control over their emotions, and make positive changes in their lives. It serves as a powerful tool for personal growth, helping individuals break free from negative cycles and create a path towards emotional well-being and fulfillment.
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